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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stitcheh Kittehz

We have 4 felines in the house, of various ages and sizes. They sometimes 'help' me out while I am stitching, other times, they just want to be in the same room napping. Sometimes, it's just the lone kitteh, other times, I have to take roll call. So, here they are, mah stitcheh kittehz:

Beau-Beau. The oldest of the bunch at age 14. She's my first ever kitteh, and my old lady. I got her when she was 5 weeks old and she was really way too young to be separated from her natural mother. I named her after Beau Brummel as I thought she was a boy kitteh, but after a visit to the vet when she was old enough, the neuter became a spay. :O

Ushi. My most recent kitteh. Also got her when she was 5 weeks old. (PEOPLE!! STOP GIVING AWAY KITTEHZ THAT YOUNG!! THEY NEED MOM FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER 5 WEEKS!). The work 'ushi' is the Japanese word for 'cow'. Because of her coloring, she reminded me of Jersey (dairy) cows. Ushi is pronounced like sushi, but no 's'.

Ozzie. Not mah kitteh. Belongs to the FH (future husband). Ozzie was procured in Big Bear Lake, CA. Used to be an outdoor kitteh there, but since moving to Las Vegas, he stays indoors. He contents himself with sleeping on the stitching cabinets and occasionally meowing to be let out.

Mandy. The juvenile delinquent of the bunch. He is approximately a year old and another one who was rescued too young. He is a cootie and he loves to run off with my floss.

Well, that's my gang. Hopefully, I will have updated pics of the Trick or Treat fairy tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good day out there in cyberland! :)


Respectfully submitted,


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