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Friday, March 13, 2009

RIP Beau Beau (May 5, 1994-March 6, 2009)

I have done bupkus for stitching, but have done a lot of other things IRL, so this blog is filled with 'off topic' subjects.

First on the subject of Beau Beau. While I was in Florida, moving my Mom to Las Vegas, my first ever kitteh, the Beau Beau, up and passed away in her sleep on me. She would have been 15 this year, which is very old for kittehz, I'm told. Her health had not been good and it was painful to see her deteriorate in that way. I've pretty much stopped wandering around the house looking for her. For 2 days, whenever I go around doing a kitteh head count, I think I've been missing one. It then dawns on me that I am not missing one, she's just not there.

My DH found a pet cemetery and they had a lovely service for her. (http://www.craigroadpetcemetery.org/). We had her cremated and put in an urn, which is on my bookshelf now. She loved books, and as a kitten would often crawl into the bookcase and sleep on my books.

Here is the last ever picture that I took of her, dated 03.06.09:

RIP Beau Beau. I miss you so much.


In other news, got some new stitchy stuff and since this is the season for Peeps, got my Peep fix on. Newest JCS mag and the UK CrossStitcher #210. The mini kit came with the UK mag. Peeps sold separately.





In other news, a huge 'CONGRATS!!!" to Martin Brodeur of my beloved NJ Devils, who got his 550th win over the Phoenix Coyotes last night. If the Devils win, that will mean he ties the great Patrick Roy's record of 551 and it will be on my birthday too! WOOHOO!!! GO, MARTY!!! (Wiki on THE MAN: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Brodeur)



And finally, here's a pic of Ushi being....well...Ushi.


Hope everyone is having a good day.


Respectfully submitted,



Daffycat said...

Very nice to have services for Beau Beau. Our vet did similar stuff for Daffy for us. The poem plaque was very sweet...whaaa. ***tears***

Are the other kitties upset about her being missing?

ArchangelDecker said...

"Are the other kitties upset about her being missing?"

I think so. It's gonna take a while for the house to adjust again, but we will be ok. :)