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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No finishes, just WIPs and UFOs

So here it is the middle of July and no finish yet. I really do not want to ride on the coattails of the months where I completed stitching on more than one project, however, I just do not have a lot of motivation at the moment. I have new glasses that I am trying to get adjusted to (after 10 years of wearing contacts) and there's been a lot going on in the house lately.

I've been trying to get a leg up ( so to speak!) on my upcoming schoolwork which begins in nine days. I still need to get the National Certification Board review book and start in on that, so I have time to prepare for the test. It costs a LOT of money to take and I do not want to have to take it umpteen times. (And if I read the Candidate Handbook correctly, you cannot take it past five times without serious implications. Even after 3, they start giving you a hard time about it.)

I seem to be on one of my 'collecting' kicks, whereby I look for free charts, trade, and purchase from other stitchers the various accouterments that needleworkers all over the world seem to think they *need* to have. Right now, I am contemplating starting another design. It's French and very pretty! (natch!) and I would change the middle motif to an initial if I did start it. I am thinking a classic red and white, although, I am kind of digging on a dark navy blue and white...maybe a DMC B5200 (Anchor 001) and a DMC 939 (Anchor 152). Or maybe something in Crescent Colours. IDK. We will see.

Although, I really should get off my fat butt and finish something I already have. /sigh.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Respectfully submitted,


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