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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sapin d'Elisa 2009

Got another finish under my belt. I saw this when I was on walkabout on the web and had to stitch it. The fabric was a fluke. I had this given to me a million years ago by someone whom I cannot remember and it's languished in the stash bin until now. I would like to thank whoever it was that sent me the fabric. It was the perfect background for this design! :)

Here's the completed stitching and the related stitching notes: :)

Design: Sapin d'Elisa 2009

Designer: Chez Elisa

Fabric: Picture This Plus 28 count Cashel Linen in Crystal Relic

Fibers: DMC B5200 Soie d'Alger 1846 (Forest Green, 2935 (Lipstick Red) and 4145 (Chocolate Brown.

Accouterments: Mill Hill beads in #60479.

Stitcher's Notes: The link to the freebie gift design can be found here . Just as a warning, the designer likes to retire her freebie gift designs, and I suspect that she will retire this one at some point soon.

I started Winter Break from school this afternoon and I am going to try and stay busy. I have fallen into a massive depression and only my DH, my stitching, hot chocolate and the cats seem to provide any modicum of comfort. :/

Well, I need to go start the next project. JBW Designs Christmas Motif Sampler. I am stitching it on a 28 count white Jobelan opalescent with Soie d'Alger in the 1846 that I seem to be addicted to for some reason. (go figure).

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Respectfully submitted,



Daffycat said...

Awesome finish! I think that fabric is perfect too!

***hugs*** You have been through a lot this year. If the depression lasts more than a few weeks, please go see a doctor, k?

ArchangelDecker said...


Thank you for your kind comments. :)

Kelly said...

looks great! really like the fabric you picked for this one!