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2018 Finishes

1. Let It Snow by Barbara Ana Designs. Finished Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

2. Victorian Thistles bookmark by Textile Heritage. Finished Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

3. Keep Love by Shepherd’s Bush. Finished Saturday, February 24, 2018

4. Fleur d’Orleans by Ink Circles. Finished Wednesday, March 7, 2018

5. A Little Gray Hare by Lizzie Kate. Finished Thursday, March 15, 2018

6. March Cake by Brooke’s Books. Finished Monday, March 26, 2018

7. April Cake by Brooke’s Books. Finished Wednesday, May 2, 2018

8. May Cake by Brooke’s Books. Finished Tuesday, May 29, 2018

9. Japanese Anemones by Sheila Hudson. Finished Tuesday, June 12, 2018

10. The Lily Of The Valley by Blackbird Designs. Finished Wednesday, June 27, 2018

11. A Slice of Summer by Waxing Moon Designs. Finished Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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2. 2009 Finishes- 21

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Monday, June 28, 2010

SanMan Sunday Finish!

Yay! I'm on a roll here! Managed to finish up Autumn Side yesterday. I have such FUN with Sandy's designs. She has also told me that she really does not mind that I that I change the fabric and floss to suit my whims and moods. I know of at least one designer that goes bat shit crazy when you do that, which I have no clue why. Even with my one lone design that I did, it would not bother me in the least bit if someone rearranged things to suit their taste and/or day-core. I mean, really? I mean, I don't presume to speak for anyone other than myself, but I'd be pleased as punch if someone stitched up something I designed, no matter if they changed the colors, the fabric or even how I had it arranged! (Sidebar: This reminds me that I really do need to get up off my ass and finish the border of that thing and start on my second one. I may be designing today, instead of stitching!). But then again, that's just me! :)

At any rate, on with the show! :D

Design: Autumn Side

Designer: Sandra Dering for SanMan Originals

Fibers: DMC 918, 921, 920, 935, and 938. DMC Antique Effects in E898. DMC Variegated in # 61 and 115. Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid in #150V Copper. Weeks Dye Works variegated floss in Carrot.

Fabric: 28 count Monaco that I hand dyed that I am calling Guinness Foam Cream
. (And PS: Yes, it is an EXACT match to the foam head that is made by a Guinness ale. I know this, because my BIL went out and got a four pack of the stuff just to see if it was! )

Accouterments: Mill Hill beads in 62044 Pumpkin, 00556 Copper, 62031 Old Gold, and G03003 Antique Cranberry.

Errata: Needs a crow button in the lower left corner, but other than that, this is another finish for the books. All that remains is Winter Side and I may pull the fabric and floss for that later today.

062710 SanMan Sunday Finish

Many, many, MANY thanks to Sandy, who generously gifted me with this series as a Christmas wish this past Christmas. I have enjoyed throwing open the bins of my stash and just going ape with all of the colors and textures. Thank you so much, Sandy! You totally rock! :)


And now for a few unrelated thoughts :D

1. While I love it when folks want to comment on my blog, please bear in mind, that I cannot read anything written in any Asian language using symbols. If I cannot read it, or copy and paste it into one of my numerous online translators, it does NOT get published. Sorry, folks. I'm just a silly gaijin, and I really do mean it when I say I moderate my comments. Wakarimasu ka? :)

2. I am probably going to have to trim down my Flickr photos. While I am enamored of all that is Flickr, the free program only allows you to post 200 photos, before it 'strongly urges' you to 'Go Pro'. Well, the budget being what it is, at the moment, 25 bucks for one year is out of my budget. Although, to be fair, if I had 25 bucks, it would probably go towards more stash, LOL! :). If I manage to get my state massage therapy license in before the turn of the decade, I will probably spring for that. I may even get a two year deal, which is just shy of 48 bucks. Not bad, and I love the features that Flickr has. We shall see, what we shall see, eh?

3. I really do need to sit down and organize my WIPs and UFOs. Make the list, stitch 'em up, and get 'em outta there. Really, I'm cleaning up some odds and ends yesterday, and I'm coming across projects that I forgot I *had*. OY! Really?! So totally not necessary!

Well, folks, I need to boogie. Need to tidy up the breakfast things and get to designing! Hope everyone is having a great day!


Respectfully submitted,



Rachel S said...

Great job on that! it looks wonderful.

I just reject the posts I can't read, because everytime I've clicked on the submitters profile, it's always a porn site, and I don't appreciate it.

Nick said...

I love the SanMan finish! Fall is my favorite season and I love all those reds & oranges! How are you going to finish it?

I feel the same about the changing of colors, fabrics, etc. If I were a designer it wouldn't bother me either. Sometimes you have to make do with the supplies you have!

Daffycat said...

This is a wonderful finish, Cindy! I just love Autumn and Sandy's designs are always sweet!