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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cleaning Out My Closet

Wasn't feeling well enough to stitch hardly at all yesterday, I decided to do some stitchy clean up of floss that I had finished using and general tidying up. I got to thinking about all of the projects that I have just hanging around and that I've been really trying to clean that up, as it was 65 or so at last count. So, I got the brilliant idea to take a bit of an inventory, just to see where I actually stood. The results were surprising, to say the least:

Finishes in my possession: 145

WIPs/UFOs: 35

Previous WIP/UFO count: 65

Currently kitted up and not started: 25

The finishes are what are actually in my personal possession. This is not counting the ones that I have worked up and given away as gifts. All in all, I suppose it's not *too* bad. I have DEFINITELY gotten the UFO/WIP pile down considerably, and for that I am really, really happy about. I have a bunch near the bed and in my DMC travel bag, so they are all ready to go after I finish the one that I currently have in the Q-snaps. I am hoping to get more of these completed this year, so I can really make this the year of the UFO.

When I was going through things, I was also reminded that I have Sandy's Winter Side to do to complete the set. It seems like a good time to at least get it kitted up for SMO Sundays, as it's supposed to be 105 here today, with about 20% humidity. Ugh. The Mojave Hairdryer is in full effect. Yuck.

At any rate, I suppose I best be off. Got one project that is 90% done and it's a 2 YEAR UFO (I got one of them older than that! :O). I am hoping to get it completed either today or tomorrow. Yay! One down and 34 more to go, LOL!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Respectfully submitted,


1 comment:

socialsue said...

Wow! I should take an inventory of my stash supplies as well. I do know I have a drawer full of stitched projects waiting for me to do the finishing part.