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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I am the Dragon Lady

Hooray! I *finally* got to the point where I am no longer working on background, but on the main portion of the design. I am so excited! I am now officially over half a page completed on a Heaven and Earth Designs. YAY!!! Go me!!! Now that I have gotten to this point, it's going VERY quickly. I am having to force myself to slow down, as mistakes can be made at this juncture and ripping out red thread over one on a 22 count is no bueno. 

And just for giggles, I am posting the number of stitches that are used for each color of floss. I nearly fell over when I read how many I am going to have to do in 817! :O

DMC 154: Number of Stitches 148 
DMC 310: Number of Stitches 4119 
DMC 321: Number of Stitches 172 
DMC 498: Number of Stitches 334 
DMC 606: Number of Stitches 195 
DMC 666: Number of Stitches 846 
DMC 814: Number of Stitches 629 
DMC 815: Number of Stitches 384 
DMC 817: Number of Stitches 10702
DMC 902: Number of Stitches 3 

DMC 3371: Number of Stitches 318 

I better pace myself on the DMC 902. I'm liable to throw an elbow out with that many stitches :D!

At any rate here's my progress in one week. As always stitchy notes first:

Design: Oriental Courage Storykeep

Designer: Michelle Sayetta of Heaven and Earth Designs. Based on the original artwork of Lee Ann Seed

Fabric: 22 count Antique White aida by Wichelt

Fibers: DMC in 154, 310, 321, 498, 606, 666, 814, 815, 817, 902 and 3371

Progress as of 10.23.2013:

Progress as of 10.27.2013:

That it will eventually look like:

Well, I best be off. Got some stuff to do before I go to bed. Hope everyone has a great week!


Respectfully submitted,


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Angie said...

It's coming along great.