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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas in Paris Again!

It's been almost a year since I picked up Christmas in Paris by A Mon Ami Pierre. My last update was Saturday, January 5, 2013. I set this aside as I needed more  Access Commodities Soie d'Alger and IIRC, there were time and money issues in trying to procure them. I know that once they came in, I had moved on to other things, and just put this in the 'Getting To It' pile. I decided yesterday to get this one back out and finish it up. It's stitching up VERY fast and I am really enjoying it. I had a few misfires and had to frog three times before I found my groove when I was stitching on the skirt. I had to slow down a bit and mark off the chart (it's from a pdf file, so no worries there!) as I went. The two symbols are a bulls' eye and a star in a circle. It was slow going for a bit, but eventually, things settled down and I was able to get a LOT done. 

Designer: A Mon Ami Pierre

Fabric: Zweigart 40 count New Castle Linen in Dirty

Fibers Used: Access Commodities Soie d'Alger in F17, Noir, 542, 942, 3426, 3596, and 4625. Crescent Colours Belle Soie silk in Old Crow and Slate. 

Stitcher's Notes: Changed skirt from lavender, cream and royal purple to black, cream and grey. I wasn't digging on the purples, but I think the black and grey and cream is très chic, non?

As of Saturday, January 5, 2013:

As of Saturday, December 14, 2013: 

Welp, I best be off. Things to do before work today. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


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