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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Almost A Finish WIP Wednesday

Skipped last week's WIP Wednesday post as I had not stitched a whole heck of a lot. This was due to my not feeling up to it and also having to make some decisions regarding the design. I was waffling on stitching it as Nora Corbett intended or 'futz' with it and make it a sort of one of a kind. I spent HOURS deliberating on ghosts vs. cats vs. witch hats vs. merely rearranging pumpkins. At any rate, here is where I am prior to beading:

Design: Halloween Fairy (Trick or Treat Fairy) from the September 2008 Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine

Designer: Nora Corbett 

Fabric Used: 32 count Cashel linen in Fog by Picture This Plus from their Crystal (opalescent) line.

Fibers Used:  DMC in 300, 451, 452, 779, 838, 869, 920, 922, 948, 3354, 3371, and 3743. Kreinik (#4) Braid in #002 HL #008 HL Green, #102 Vatican Gold, #150V Vintage Amber, Blending Filament in #092 Star PinkRainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid in PB44 (Autumn Red). Glissen Gloss Sparkle metallic in SP01

Stitcher's notes: As of this writing, I do not know where the chart for the kitty came from. S/he was found in a binder of cross stitch charts that I had for a long time and I tweaked the design to fit how I needed it to fit. The chart itself has no designer information such as name, blog, etc. Should I find the designer, I will be happy to post a link to the designer and give him/her credit. 

As of Wednesday, June 25, 2014:

As of Wednesday, July 9, 2014:

Once I get past the beading, I am probably going to wait until Halloween stuff comes out in the craft stores so I can find some treasures to bling her out some more. I am probably also going to extend the pumpkin vies to the right of Kitty, but not by much. 

Welp, I best be off. I have to do battle with the Beading Monster. Hope everyone is having a great week! :)


Respectfully submitted,


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blueladie said...

Cindy, All I can say is WOW! She is beautiful and what a wonderful job you did!!! :D Cathryn (from SM board)