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Friday, January 23, 2015

Small Quaker Finish

Woohoo! Another finish from the Bin O' Shame pile. I am happy with the way this one turned out. There is a really elaborate border that surrounds the piece, but this time I decided to leave it off as I could not get it lined up properly and as I used silk thread on this project, I decided that I did not feel like clipping that much money away every time I had to frog! 

I cannot remember where I received this piece, whether from another stitcher or as part as an online order. I *can* tell you that sadly, Jackye Derhay Renahy of A Mon Ami Pierre stopped designing and closed her business in early 2014 due to folks sharing her charts illegally. I really do love her designs and broke my stash budget for many months trying to get as many as I could before she stopped designing. I have more of hers planned to stitch, but it will be a while (perhaps!) before I can get back to stitching her wonderful designs. 

Well, at any rate, on with the show! 

Design: Quaker Swan (retired freebie)

Designer:  Jackye Derhay Renahy of A Mon Ami Pierre (retired)

Fabric: unknown 32 count cream linen

Fiber Used: Thread Gatherer's Silk n' Colors  #1065 Independence Rain

Stitcher's Notes: There really wasn't a title for this piece, it's just what I named it. I will be stitching this again, so sadly, I will not part with my copy of the chart as of yet. Stitched one thread of floss over two fabric threads. 

Well, I best be off. I have to clean up my work area from the week and get together the next project, which will probably be another from the Bin O Shame. hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


Respectfully submitted,



blueladie said...

Cindy, it's a lovely piece! Well-done! Cathryn

Christina said...

Congrats on another finish. Looks great.

Beaj said...

Gorgeous design...Nicely done..:)

Annie said...

Very pretty little thing. It is a shame she stopped designing. She had such an interesting style.