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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Water Lily Pond

Monet: Water-Lily Pond, c.1915–1926

This has always been one of my favorite paintings. I find the colors so soothing and restful. I have sorely needed that this past week. Yesterday, as I was picking the last of the odds and ends from the Great Cleanup and Organization, I caught sight of a skein of French silk thread that I have by Gloriana Threads . It is called Monet's Pond and it reminds me a great deal of this painting. I got out the floss and just set it on my desk to look at, very much like the knickknacks that I have decorating my desk. After more cleaning and putting away of things, I came across a design that I had purchased some time ago that I had put in the 'To Do' pile. I looked at the thread on my desk and knew it would be a perfect match. I found a pice of fabric in my stash that was the perfect size for this piece. It didn't even need to cut it to size! I haven't gotten too far into it, as I want to take my time with this piece. No frantically trying to beat an imagined deadline or to 'get it over with'. I need the slower pace to calm my soul after losing Ozzy. I suppose I will eventually return to Blessed Be, but not now. 

Well, at any rate, here is the newest start:

Designer: Danielle Chevallier of Danybrod

Fabric Used36 count Edinburgh linen in White

Fibers Used: Gloriana Threads  12 strand French silk floss in #079 Monet's Pond (Lot: T17/12148)

Stitcher's Notes: Began Friday, September 11, 2015

I had best be off. It's time for some breakfast. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Respectfully submitted,


1 comment:

CalamityJr said...

That is a beautiful floss. My current favorite is a DMC overdye called Monet's Garden - very similar but without the pinks. You should enjoy a relaxing stitch with this one!