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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Some Progress Is Better Than No Progress

At least, this is what I am telling myself. It was a *VERY* busy week this past week at work. As consequence, I did not get a whole lot accomplished in the Stitching Department. However, DH and I do not have any grand plans for this weekend, so I may make great strides in this piece. I am of the mind that as long as the stitching gets finished by Thursday, December 31, I'm good. :)

Well, here are the latest snaps with Wednesday's start picture:

Designer: Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks

Fabric Used: 32 count Belfast linen in Legacy  by Picture This Plus, from their Crystal line. 

Fibers Used:  Crescent Colours Belle Soie silk in Cinnamon Stick, Creme de Menthe, icing and Shepherd's Pasture. Au Ver À Soie  Soie d'Alger in Noir and #942 Grenat.

Beads Used: Mill Hill beads in #03049 Rich Red and #00479 White.

Stitcher's Notes: Substituted Au Ver À Soie  Soie d'Alger in 942 for the Crescent Colours Belle Soie silk in Cranberry. Substituted the alphabet with motifs taken from Country Cottage Needleworks Christmas Cookies ornament and Little House Needleworks Winter Band Sampler. Santa mug free formed by me. :)

As of Wednesday, December 9, 2015:

As of Saturday, December 12, 2015:

Well, I best be off. It's time for breakfast and the day is a-wastin'. This isn't going to stitch itself! Although, if it could, I'd have another finish by now, haha! :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


Respectfully submitted,


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Christina said...

Looks great. Love how you added your own motifs. Very clever idea.