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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One day start and finish

Took a one day break from the 'Peace' ornament, to stitch up a bookmark. It needed to be done and it went fairly quickly, other than the blue Kreinik that was used. Needless to say, it was the slowest part, and had me cussing like a sailor on a 3 day pass in Hong Kong. The stuff is HORRIBLE. Yes, I know it was blending filament, and not cording, but still. That was the most wretched stuff I have dealt with in a while.

From the UK CrossStitcher leaflet, Treasures of the Pharaohs. Unknown gold/cream evenweave. DMC #310, Kreinik numbers 002 (gold) and 051HL (blue), Crescent Colours 'Cupid' for the backstitching.

I will stitch some more on the 'Peace' ornament today. Hopefully, I can put a big enough dent in it, if not outright finish it, before I leave on the 20th. I need to finish kitting up the rest of my projects and/or get the next ornament rolling before then. I also have to get my recipes and grocery shopping list done, before the trip, as well as do some preliminary packing. (Yes, I said it....preliminary packing. I do things like this, because I am probably borderline OCD and I don't want to over pack.)

Here is a pic from yesterday. Ushi got disgusted with the 'Boys' and walked off. Cats are funny! :D

Well, I am off for now. Lots to do today. I hope everyone is having a good day. And may the Needle be with you all!


Respectfully submitted,



Rich said...

Nice cats.

You know, you have your "adult" warning up on your blog. Made me wonder what you might be cross stitching...

ArchangelDecker said...


I actually have the 'Adult Content' warning up, due to my propensity for swearing. At the very least, people cannot say that they weren't warned. :)

Oh! And P.S.~ I *do* have some nudes I need to get around to stitching one day! ;)