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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The very essence of polarity

Since I live in Las Vegas, the propensity for doing things seemingly unrelated runs about 150 on a scale of one to ten. What this means, is that in this town, one can go see a show, have dinner, go skydiving, and shop till you drop, all in the same day.

What has this to do with cross stitch? Well, in my case, this means I spent the good portion of yesterday cross stitching on my Just For Me SAL, and then last night me and the FH went to Rain at the Palms Casino. Let's get to the cross stitching first shall we? :)

For the Just For Me SAL, I chose to stitch Little House Needleworks 'Queen Bee'. I couldn't think of a more fitting design, given the 'selfishness' of this particular SAL (Stitch A Long, for the uninitiated out there in cyberspace). I chose a 28 count silk and linen fabric in a natural color. I stitched all of the DMC thread portion of the design, as I do not have the Crescent Colours as of yet. I am waiting until I go to Virginia on Thursday in order to buy them. (Out of town stash sprees, ftw!) It stitched up a LOT quicker than I thought it was going to, so I quite imagine the rest will go just as quickly once the CC threads have been procured.

Here is what I have so far:

I am happy with the way it looks and glad I chose the silk and linen fabric. I mean, if I am going to stitch something for just myself, such a luxe fabric is quite nice. :)

Now, as for the club last night, please allow me to state that I do not go clubbing with any sort of regularity. First of all, I am getting too long in tooth to be going. I don't wanna be the old chick up in the club, but here in Vegas, it hardly matters. In some of the hottest spots in town, there can be seen folks that look like they should be in a retirement home, rather than in a place jam packed with 20 and 30 somethings. More power to them, says I, however, it just makes me feel old. Vodka and Red Bull helps with staying up past one's bedtime, I can state with some authority. (pro tip!).

Secondly, it's plain expensive. I don't know about other portions of the country, but here, while females can get in for a reduced fee or even free as was my case last night, dudes can pay upwards of 75 dollars just to get IN the place. This does not include things such as 'table service.' Now for those who do not know what that is, it is a 'service' provided by the club, where you pay a 300% (in some cases) markup for a bottle of say, a liter of Grey Goose, and for the privilege of sitting down. Yes, you read that correctly. If you do not get 'table service', you do not get to sit down. So it basically feels like you are hanging around at a high school dance. 'Table service' also runs in the hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on what you want and where it is. Not a cheap night by any means.

Last night, we got on 'THE LIST'. What this means is, someone knows someone else, and our names got put on a list that the host keeps track of and we get in for free. Score one. This also means our wait time in line was nil. Once inside, the FH's boss bought drinks all night, so we pretty much sprung for the 8 bucks at McDonald's afterwards. Which, was needed after the FOUR Red Bull and Vodkas I had. o.o. We weren't 'special' enough to rate for 'table service', but that was ok. I've been going to clubs since I was 14, and I like being near the bar. :D

Insofar as clubs go, Rain is the absolute SHIT. Omg!! LOVED it!! I highly recommend going there. We have been to a few since FH started bringing me here, and while LAX sucked, Rain at the Palms was awesome. They have acrobats above the dance floor (Lordy, do I wish I could move like they can! I am supremely jealous!) and fireballs shooting out from key places in the club. It was quite entertaining. They also had folks dressed up in techno industrial costumes going around passing out glow sticks. I wound up with two and a pack of matches for my partying ways last night.

Next time, FH's boss said we will be on 'THE LIST' for Paul Oakenfold, which should be a good time. We were supposed to go next weekend, but I will be in VA, so it will have to wait. By then, I should be ready to go back and party like a rock star or like it's 1999 or whatever the hell I'm supposed to do to party really well. :P~

Time for lunch. I hope everyone is having a good weekend and it's hangover free like mine. :D

And may the Needle be with you all.


Respectfully submitted,


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Daffycat said...

Wow, what a great night out. I'm with you on clubbing...you get a certain age and it just feels odd. That and ten o'clock rolls around, Red Bull or no, I'm yawning every five seconds. Now, that's attractive!