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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Letter to Bloomingdale's

This is the email I just sent to Bloomie's:

To whom it may concern,

I am emailing you today to tell you how horribly disappointed I am with Bloomingdale's customer service and selection of clothing for women over a size 4. Both are so deplorable as render one absolutely speechless.

I had attempted to shop at your store in Tyson's Corner, Virginia the day after Thanksgiving. My sister and I went into Bloomingdale's for the selection of stylish and professional clothing that you are known for in an attempt to procure a business suit for interviewing in. After passing many many sections of stylish and professional clothing, the "Women's" section was not only located in the VERY back of the store, but also contained the most hideous clothing I have ever seen. It was apparent by the 'selection' of clothing offered, that Bloomingdale's does not think that anyone over a size 4 has a right to decent stylish clothing. And apparently, we also do not deserve good customer service, because the LONE saleswoman we saw all of 30 seconds disappeared into the back and we never saw her again. We were never acknowledged, nor were we asked if we needed help. Not that we needed help in deciding to go elsewhere. I would like to point out that at NO time was price a consideration, nor was it even a factor. My sister and I were fully prepared to spend quite a sum of money on not only a suit, but other goods as well.

It is a shame that a store that is supposedly on such a high caliber would offer such piss poor customer service and even shoddier goods. My sister and I went to Lane Bryant in Dulles Town Center and the staff were MORE than willing to assist us and make suggestions. They were pleasant, well informed, and had the kind of clothing someone over a size 4 would feel comfortable and professional in.

One would assume that in this particular economy, Bloomingdale's would make the extra effort, however, it was quite apparent by the attitude of the staff and the wretched selection that this is not the case. Needless to say, Lane Bryant will continue to have our business, while Bloomingdale's will not. Both my sister and I will also make recommendations to friends and family reflecting the same.


Now to see if the bastards actually respond. :)


Respectfully submitted,


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