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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Midsummer in a Stitcher's Paradise

I managed to remember to take my camera today, and I managed to get a few snapshots of the goodness and perfection that is Stitcher's Paradise. Please grab a cup of tea and a few cookies (biscuits for my European folks! :D) and sit back and enjoy the show!

Stitcher's Paradise
2550 S Rainbow Blvd # E25
Las Vegas, NV 89146-5179
(702) 227-9735‎

Front of the store:

The infamous Wall 'o Specialty Floss. This wall actually starts with the Needle Necessities/Threadworkx and goes all the way back to the back of the store almost:

Some of the models up on the walls:

One section of charts and more floss. This is near the checkout counter near the back of the store:

The infamous Fabric Room. This room houses the most fabric I have ever seen, plus the DMC, Anchor, Access Commodities and several other thread lines that they could not fit in the Wall o' Floss area.

Right side of Room:

Fabric cutting table with my Betty Boop in Las Vegas purse! :D:

View from the cash register:

They also have a table where you can sit and stitch, however, today being Saturday, the table was quite full and I do not take pictures of folks without their permission. :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. DH is taking me to Dairy Queen for 'date night' and if I can remember, I will take pics, because the view we have is quite spectacular! :)


Respectfully submitted,



Daffycat said...

OMG and you only live a few minutes away??? How cool is that!

Did visiting there help the mojo at all?

Lisa S said...

What a GREAT shop Cindy! I could go into that place and stay there forever lol I am jealous!
Can't wait to see your Ice Cream sundae chart completed ;)


ArchangelDecker said...

Quote: Did visiting there help the mojo at all?

Yes. ma'am it did! I've already begun stitching on the piece and I love how it's going! :)

PS: Yes, I live a total of 5 minutes and 5 miles from the shop. :D

Becca in MD said...

Wow.. I don't even know what to say other than: Wow.

Sandy P said...

you are so lucky, all the stash right at your finger tips. Wow all that fabric, I've never seen such a great shop! enjoy!!! Sandy P.

The Shabby Stitcher said...

I love this store. It is my favorite place to be when I have few extra dollars to spend.:)
Next time I will take the camera with me so I can post some pictures on my blog too.

Aury said...

Hi Cindy,
Great store!!!! Now I have a GOOD reason to go Vegas!!!

Thanks for the info!!


Nina said...

I think I will loose myself there :)) This shop looks like Heaven for stitchers :)
Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Kind regards,