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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Visiting

Am I the only one that remembers doing this? After you slept in on a Sunday or went to the church of your choosing or whatever it was you did in the morning, you had a big lunch. And during that big lunch or even after, you sat and visited with old friends and/or family. I miss doing that. As I have moved around a great deal, it makes it hard to commune with old friends on a Sunday afternoon. 

This past weekend was my overnight shift and after finishing up (for the most part!) Creepy Cocktails, I went casting about for something else to keep me occupied. Only nothing was calling my name. I tried stitching on about half a dozen projects and everything just felt flat and uninspired. I got up very late today and remembered this one. I picked it back up and it's been going so smoothly. So, this is the one I am supposed to be working on. I am not sure how long I will be 'visiting' this old friend, but I am enjoying it while it lasts. Back when I first started, I had stitched the wrong color in one spot, and I am so happy I had the foresight to pick that out so that when I picked this one up again, I would not be faced with ripping out hours of previous work. That to me is the equivalent to opening the fridge to get some milk, only to find out its' all been expired. And who needs that on a Sunday? Not this gal!

Well, at any rate, here is what I have so far:

 QS Evil Queen 

Designer: Michelle Sayetta of Heaven and Earth Designs. Based on the original artwork of Annya Kai

Fabric: 22 count Antique White aida by Wichelt

Fibers: DMC as called for in the chart

Stitcher's Notes: Began Saturday, January 24, 2015. The Quick Stitch for this design is no longer available for purchase at this time. The chart was originally called Maleficent, however, this was changed at some point. 

As of Saturday, January 24, 2015:

As of Sunday, October 25, 2015:

For anyone that is interested, this is how I store my Heaven and Earth Designs that have been kitted up and/or started. I purchase the big scrapbooking containers (always at half off or more!). I find the plastic bags with the three inch metal book rings work the best for me. I tried winding floss on bobbins, but the floss winds up getting kinks in them that refuse to come out and I just can't be bothered with all that. Besides, the rings may be purchased at various places, including Amazon, for around six bucks for ten of them. Which is not bad at all. The symbol chart I have laminated as I use that a lot and I would prefer that it last for awhile, rather than having to repeatedly print out the same sheet over and over again. I keep clear rulers nearby so that I may keep track of the chart. As I purchase the .pdf formats of the charts, I always get the large print, as I have learned the hard way that confetti stitches get confusing with all the symbols look jumbled up in the regular size charts. I mark off the symbols that I have stitched with pencil so that if I make a mistake, I can easily correct it. All in all, this is what works best for me.

Well, I had best be off. I need to finish up some chores before a very early night for my person. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


Respectfully submitted,


1 comment:

Annie said...

Yes, Sunday was always visiting day when I was growing up. We had a lot of extended family in the area and we used to make the rounds, particularly of the grandmothers and elderly great aunts. Those days are long gone for me too.

Love your little cocktail finish. But an HAED? Tires me out just to think of stitching one. The design is gorgeous so good luck!