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1. 2008 Finishes -10

2. 2009 Finishes- 21

3. 2010 Finishes- 49

4. 2011 Finishes- 26

5. 2012 Finishes- 35

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8. 2015 Finishes- 61

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

#35 And A New Start

Here is another one I should have waited to post as I managed to finish it up the same day that it was posted. Although, in my defense, when I had posted yesterday, I was still waffling as to whether or not I wanted to add any of the smaller elements around the design, or perhaps stitch the raven one over one one on the right side. I decided that where I was was a good stopping point, so I just left it as is. When I was finished, I cleaned up and had to wait until today for good sunlight in order to take a halfway decent picture. It took a bit longer to finish than it should have, however, the one symbol that the designer chose to use was a giant plus sign  that takes up almost the whole block. As such, it makes counting out stitches a bit difficult. Ah, well. These things happen. 

At any rate, here is the tiny finish that I had last night after dinner. I enjoyed stitching the piece. 

Design: Thine Is The Trick And The Treat (retired and out of print design)

Designer: Prairie Moon (retired designer)

Fabric: Fleur de Luce Hand Dyeds (that's me!) 28 count Monaco fabric in Storm Clouds 

Fibers: Hand Dyed Fibers in Old Maid of the Abyss , Six Strand Regular (discontinued floss line).  Access Commodities Soie d'Alger in Blanc.

Stitcher's Notes: Last stitched Thursday, November 4, 2010. Please note that at this time, this chart is not for either sale or trade. Since completed, this is now #35 from the Bin O'Shame.

As of Friday, September 4, 2015:

Finished late Friday, September 4, 2015:

Afterwards, I was looking for another project to stitch and didn't feel like stitching anything out of the Bin O'ShameThere *was* a project that I wanted to stitch, however, I could not get a good read on the floss toss I was doing. So, I elected to wait until another time to stitch Plum Pudding Needleart's Blessed Be. This design has been in my stash for quite some time and one that I really am in the mood to do. Since I could not get a good 'read' from the fibers and floss that I had pulled for Blessed Be, I decided to go ahead and stitch something completely new. I decided that instead of kitting something up, just grab something from Kit Mountain, which is what I am calling the several bins that are storing the projects that are all kitted up and ready to go. This way, I get to start in on those bins before my anticipated start date of January 1 for next years' stitching goals. Woohoo! Two lists tackle in the same year! Go me! 

Well, at any rate, here is the project that I chose for my overnight weekend:

Design: Cats For All Seasons Autumn Cat (3 of 4)

Designer: Nancy Javier and Barbara Finwall of Banar Designs for Better Homes and Gardens

Fabric: 14 count khaki aida of unknown manufacturer

Fibers Used: Unknown as provided in the kit

Bling Used:  Mill Hill beads in #02031 Citron

Stitcher's Notes: Once completed, the Spring Cat is the last in the series to stitch. 

Began Friday, September 4, 2015:

Well, I had best be off. I need to take care of a few things before I can get back at it. Happy weekend everyone! :)


Respectfully submitted,


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