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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday Finish

I hope everyone had a great weekend. DH and I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday was spent running some errands and going to the book store. Saturday night was spent with family having a birthday month dinner. Everything was fabulous and a good time was had by all.

Yesterday was spent with the The Easter Fairy. I had wanted to get her finished by the end of May as she has sat for some time. I took my time, but I managed to get the The Easter Fairy finished late last night. I had to wait until this morning in order to take pictures, naturally. I decided to leave the wings off and I like her the way she is. I am waffling on obtaining the rest in the series. I know I want to get the New Year's fairy, but I am not sure on the other ones. 

Well, at any rate, here she is. My latest finish and the number 6 finish for 2016 from the Bin O'Shame projects. 

Design: The Easter Fairy (Limited Edition kit)

Designer: Nora Corbett 

Fabric Used: 28 count linen in Spring by Picture This Plus from their Crystal (opalescent) line

Fibers Used: Crescent Colours  cotton floss in Baby Chick, Bella Rosa, Betty Bluebell, Blue Beatrice, Blueberry Tart, Bramble Bush, Fool's Gold, Sassy Brass, St. Bernard, Tufted Yellow, Wasabi, and Zach Black. 

Bling Used: Mill Hill glass seed beads in size 11/0 #02010 IceMill Hill glass Sitting Bunny in Matte Brown #12192. 

Stitcher's Notes: Substituted kit fabric for the 28 count linen in Spring by Picture This Plus from their Crystal (opalescent) line. Substituted stitched blue egg for Mill Hill glass Sitting Bunny in Matte Brown #12192. Declined to stitch wings. Number 6 finish for 2016 from the Bin O'Shame projects. 

Last update as of Wednesday, May 28, 2014:

Finished Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016:

Well, I had best be off. Have a great week, everyone! :)


Respectfully submitted.


1 comment:

CalamityJr said...

She's beautiful! Looking forward to seeing you stitching the one for New Years. No rush to decide on the others; choose just the ones that speak to you.