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Friday, March 25, 2016

Pre-Game For Easter Weekend March 2016

Easter is early this year, on this Sunday as a matter of fact. I have rested my hands and arms a good deal and have taken all of the precautions that one normally does during these times. They feel well enough to get cracking on something else. 

I have chosen The Easter Fairy (Limited Edition kit) by Nora Corbett,  as the next item up for bid. I have not touched her since May 28, 2014, so it is past time that I finished her up. She is, as you can imagine, a resident of the Bin O'Shame . When she is finished, she will be number six from the Bin O'Shame. which is nice. This will also mean that within the first three months of 2016, I will have hit the halfway mark on the Bin O'Shame goal of twelve projects completed from that bin this year. Yay! As I am leaving off the wings on this piece, it *should* go fairly quickly. If I do decide to stitch them, I think they should be done in all metallics. The question is, do I even go there with myself, as metallics are notoriously difficult to deal with ? Time will tell, I suppose. 

Well, at any rate, here is the last update. I have not stitched hardly anything else on her, so I am hoping that I get some time in this weekend to finish the stitching on this piece. 

Design: The Easter Fairy (Limited Edition kit)

Designer: Nora Corbett 

Fabric Used: 28 count linen in Spring by Picture This Plus from their Crystal (opalescent) line

Fibers Used: Crescent Colours  cotton floss in Baby Chick, Bella Rosa, Betty Bluebell, Blue Beatrice, Blueberry Tart, Bramble Bush, Fool's Gold, Sassy Brass, St. Bernard, Tufted Yellow, Wasabi, and Zach Black. Kreinik (#4) Braid in #3223 Ametrine

Bling Used: Mill Hill glass seed beads in size 11/0 #02010 Ice 

Last update as of Wednesday, May 28, 2014:

I had best be off. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!


Respectfully submitted,


1 comment:

CalamityJr said...

I just saw this finished on another blog today and I know she'll be lovely with or without wings. You've chosen a great fabric. Looking forward to seeing her completed! Have a blessed Easter weekend.